Why Hollywood Hairess?

Hollywood Hairess specializes in top quality hair extensions for client or bulk order. We carry the highest quality 100% virgin hair in multiple textures and styles.

Women worldwide love the possibilities of having any hair style desirable. That’s why Hollywood Hairess was created. Magic is made with the most natural hair extensions you can buy. We have researched and devoted 11 years to understanding textures, sustainability and the lusciousness of quality hair extensions. Hollywood Hairess’ primary objective is to provide extensionists and clients with marvelous wavy locks of hair that does not tangle, mat or excessively shed. As CEO and customer of Hollywood Hairess, I have experienced the good, bad and ugly of synthetic blended hair. That’s why I guarantee you will love our 100 percent Virgin Indian Hair. It is Hollywood Royalty Hairess at it’s finest!  Let your alluring, versatile and long lasting look be made possible with the help of Hollywood Hairess’ gorgeous lock extensions.